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 I really wasn't hacking, should try to get me banned on steam instead of this server

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PostSubject: I really wasn't hacking, should try to get me banned on steam instead of this server   Sun Sep 13, 2009 5:45 am

hi admin
today i just got banned because of i was being really good. the record is 90+ kills with 0 death. i mean of course the record does look like it's been hacked. but there should be some sort of record on damage, shots, ultimate, etc... to prove that i was hacking at that time. well i was using a really good race, that can heal, has immortal, and i bought every upgrades in the shopmenu so i did the 90+ kills 0 death (few bots in game with 2 real player) . but the truth is i wouldnt have the audacity to download any hacks of fearing my computer getting viruses or get banned by steam not just this server.
i got banned by cakeboy, he was just doing his job... im not mad at him or anything and he seems like a really nice and responsible person.
the one thing im mad about is a fuking kid name angel who claimed he has donated money and soon will have admin... hes the one who always starts trouble in the server and threats to ban a lot of people before even he got the authority to do so. (hes the one who told Cakeboy i was hacking and got no prove)
the point im trying to make here is i would love to get my permission back to play on the server and show you how can i do 90+ kills with no death in iceworld bunker map w/e the name is with real people inspect me while i play to prove it i didnt do it with no hacks.
i just think it's really unfair for me to played at this server for so long to lvl so many races and got banned because of i killed so many times without dying and with no prove just because it might be impossible to have a good record like that.
so i would like to get unbanned, if not its ok... but you should reconsider give admin power to angel... that will cause too much drama on the server and it will be a mess.

thank you for reading this either if i get unban or not.
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I really wasn't hacking, should try to get me banned on steam instead of this server
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